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Green Haven LivingWelcome welcome all, and welcome 2016!  The New Year brings my new blog – something I’ve been meaning to initiate for quite some time.  As an introduction to the theme I would like to run throughout, allow me to borrow directly from my FAQ (also a fairly recent addition to my website):

‘Green Haven’ is the name of the 1-acre ‘estate’ that my husband and I live on, the Green Haven logo being a rather accurate characterization of our little Cape Cod home.  When I was brainstorming names for my business, I toyed with several variations:  ‘Green Haven Herbals’, ‘Green Haven Wellness’, ‘Green Haven etc…’. I settled on the admittedly non-specific ‘Green Haven Living’ because I wanted to suggest a certain philosophy of moving through life, of ‘living’, if you will.  At the time I don’t think I fully understood, myself, what the ‘Living’ part meant, but after having practiced herbalism for more than a year and teaching food gardening practices for far longer, it finally hit me.  Green Haven Living represents observing the world around us so as to appreciate that which may otherwise seem ‘ordinary’.  It’s finding the joy in the everyday.  It’s also empowering ourselves for self-care and sustainability – through growing our own food or nurturing ourselves toward health with herbs.  It’s taking full advantage of the life that ‘is’, not lamenting what we believe life ‘should be’.

As such, my intention for writing is to help guide us all in taking a moment to notice the little things in life that bring us joy, a sense of well-being, and satisfaction on a daily basis.  I also plan to share my knowledge and practical experience to help us all help ourselves.  To that end, expect to see posts that showcase my favorite herbs to grow and their powerful healing properties, perhaps a recipe using in-season fruits and vegetables, how-to’s on anything from preserving the harvest to making an herbal tincture, or simply an occasional reminder to slow down and take time to breathe.

In summary, for this blog I will let my vision of Green Haven Living (quoted from my homepage) guide me:

“Personal wellness through plants.”

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