The Eyes have it: Herbs for Eye Health

woman with eye strain

In the digital age, and now in the ‘stay-at-home age’, we rely on our eyes more than ever before.  And that can mean excessive wear and tear.  Fortunately, with a little care – including herbs for eye health – we can keep our peepers strong for years to come. Digital eye strain, sometimes known as … Read more

Let’s talk digestive bitters!


It’s January.  The holiday – and rich food – season is over.  I hope that you ‘ate responsibly’, but if you find yourself in a position of stomach upset or indigestion, read on for the scoop on how digestive bitters can promote an efficient and healthy digestive process. Did you say digestive bitter? If you’re … Read more

Coumarin content in cinnamon – what’s the deal?

Ceylon cinnamon

Some of my astute, concerned clients have asked me about the reported coumarin content in cinnamon, so I thought I’d set the record straight here. Coumarin is a natural blood thinner from which the drug, Warfarin (generic: coumadin), is derived. Blood thinners are useful in preventing blood clots which prevent heart attacks and strokes, but … Read more

Elderberry Syrup: Herb for flu season

Elderberry syrup and berries

Not surprisingly in the year of a global pandemic, there is recent increased interest elderberry syrup for flu season (and any infectious disease).  In fact, recently a friend inquired about where she might find a reputable source of elderberries as she intended to make her own syrup.  Her inquiry inspired me to write about  elderberries, … Read more

Sage Advice – An Herb for Hot Flashes

Sage plant

Medicinally-speaking,”common sage” is anything but! Having worked with a number of menopausal or peri-menopausal women in my clinical practice, hot flashes and night sweats are among the most uncomfortable symptoms these women are dealing with.  A quick Google search for “herb for hot flashes” generally yields discussions about hormone modulators such as black cohosh, vitex … Read more

Herbs for Anxiety

Lemon balm

As a clinician, lately I have been experiencing an uptick in people requesting herbal support to calm increased anxiety.  While every person’s circumstances are different – I recommend consulting with a professional for acute or severe cases – I offer up the following 10 herbs for anxiety that are generally safe when used at normal … Read more

Herbal Activities at Home

herbal activity - pressed violet tincture

Being an introvert by nature who also loves to garden, staying home is natural for me this time of year.  Still, I know this is a challenging time for many.  As such, I’d like to offer the following fun herbal activities at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Start an Herb Garden At the onset of … Read more

Happy, Herby New Year 2020!

Green Haven Herbs in pots

Is it January 2020 already?  For me it seems like the holiday season just flew by this year!  But that could be largely due to the fact that I was on an extended business trip from the Saturday after Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas Eve morning.  I arrived at 4AM that morning, thanks to … Read more

Give thanks to Milky Oats!

Milky oats steeping

Now that the weather is seriously cooling down and the days are getting shorter and shorter, who wouldn’t want a “hug in a cup”? That’s how I refer to milky oats tea, one of my favorites for when I’m feeling stressed out, strung out, down and out, and just generally depleted. Ever feel that way? … Read more