Frequently Asked Questions – Clinical Herbalism

1. What is ‘Green Haven Living’?
2. What is a clinical herbalist?
3. What is a Registered Herbalist?
4. Why would I consider clinical herbalism?
5. Why herbs?
6. What happens at an herbal consultation?
7. What kind of conditions can clinical herbalism help with?
8. Can’t I just go to the health-food store, get some supplements, and be on my way?
9. Since you do custom formulations, where can I get my herbs?
10. How long will it take for the herbs to ‘work’?
11. How long will I keep having to take the herbs?
12. Will the effects of the herbs diminish over time?
13. How often do I need to see my herbalist?
14. How does clinical herbalism fit in with today’s medical model?

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Clinical herbalist Donna Koczaja making funny face