Medicinal Properties of Holy Basil

holy basil

I took a walk this morning in my neighborhood, as I often do. Today, when I looked down at the storm drain, I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat amused to find a happy and healthy holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) plant growing among the weeds. This vision inspired me to write about the medicinal properties of … Read more

Herbs for Anxiety

Lemon balm

As a clinician, lately I have been experiencing an uptick in people requesting herbal support to calm increased anxiety.  While every person’s circumstances are different – I recommend consulting with a professional for acute or severe cases – I offer up the following 10 herbs for anxiety that are generally safe when used at normal … Read more

Give thanks to Milky Oats!

Milky oats steeping

Now that the weather is seriously cooling down and the days are getting shorter and shorter, who wouldn’t want a “hug in a cup”? That’s how I refer to milky oats tea, one of my favorites for when I’m feeling stressed out, strung out, down and out, and just generally depleted. Ever feel that way? … Read more