It’s ‘Cozy Season’!

That’s what I recently read on the cover of a cosmetics catalog, and I thought, “what a lovely way to describe this time of year” – a time when the daylight is at a premium, the temperatures are less than optimal, and some funny, white stuff that makes it hard to get around sometimes falls from the sky.

I have a different interpretation of this time of year from most people.  Sure, it’s cold outside, and it gets dark early, but to me that’s a great excuse to snuggle under a warm blanket, get a fire going in the fireplace, tear through that novel I’ve been meaning to get through but just haven’t had time, and sip a piping hot cup of tea.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  One might even say ‘Cozy’.

Cup of tea

Full disclosure:  I’m a well-established introvert.  This means that I love to be home, and I more-often-than-not enjoy my solitude.  But I admit that, when the daylight and temperatures are more favorable, I get that bug of ‘I SHOULD be out doing something’, whether it’s running errands, working in the garden, or *gasp* being social.  If the weather is good then I feel guilty if I’m holed up in the house, but in the wintertime, it just seems right.  And that, quite frankly, brings me great pleasure.

Here in Maryland, I hear all the time “I hate winter”.  They tell me it’s cold, it’s dark, and they don’t like being stuck at home.  And yet, with my herbalist hat on, I see so many depleted people who are running so hard and so fast for so long, that perhaps the best thing they could do for themselves is to slow down, even stop, for a while.  So my food for thought in this post is, why don’t you consider heeding winter’s advice – snuggle up, slow down, grab some tea (ginger is wonderfully warming this time of year!) and enjoy the break while it lasts.  You may just find that you’re sorry when it’s over.

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