What my clients have to say …

As I head in to my seventh year as a holistic Clinical Herbalist, I reflect upon the wonderful people I’ve met in my practice so far.  I love working with each and every one of them, and am so very proud to observe them taking charge of their own health and embracing herbs as partners along the way. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and several of my clients have generously agreed to share their experiences here.

Green Haven Herbalist - Testimonials

Part of Your Holistic Wellness Team

Would like to say a few words to those dealing with any of the problems outlined on the Green Haven Living site and who may be skeptical as I was before giving GHL a go. I am a seventy year old guy in reasonably good shape other than wear and tear from a “robust lifestyle” in my youth combined with genetics and the usual. I was a smoker from age 13 to 53 and then things began to catch up with me. Over the next ten years I had femoral bypass surgery on both legs, then triple bypass for the old ticker and along the way developed type 2 diabetes. Oh yeah, there’s the arthritis as well.

Being a cheapskate was instrumental in helping me quit the cigarettes, that and looking at the scars from those surgeries. That said, Donna didn’t have to deal with the smoking, but there were all those other problems. The mainstream health care doctors did a very good job of keeping me alive and healthy and they still do, although I find them to be so focused and specialized that they sometimes don’t see the forest for the trees.

The great thing about Donna and her Green Haven Living approach is that she is not a fanatic, just very knowledgeable and experienced, not only with the specifics of her “craft,” but with life in general. Her approach is to partner with you AND your other health care professionals when possible, to develop a practical and effective plan for better health.

Since my initial consultation I am eating a better diet… not radical changes… just smarter choices. My A1C went down .3 in just one month thanks to the diet and herbs. That particular concoction also relieves the arthritis in my hands and knee. I was also helped with an unusual (for me) constipation problem. A tea was prescribed for that. And now I have learned to make a very nice herbal tea that helps keep my blood pressure down. Pretty soon I will be growing some of the herbs myself.

So, it you are interested in improving your health, take it from this old soldier: give Green Haven Living a call.

Mike E.

Holistic Wellness Partner

“My doctor recommended making changes to my lifestyle and diet in order to reduce my cholesterol before the need to resort to medication. I sought Donna out, got great ideas for both herbal remedies and dietary changes and I’m pleased to report that after three months of working with her, my cholesterol is down over 50 points!

I now have more energy, feel great and I know I’m eating a much healthier diet. I appreciate Donna’s approach: she creates a safe space for dialogue, asks the right questions, and offers practical options that work for your lifestyle. She works with you to create a holistic plan for healthy living. I can highly recommend Donna to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and supportive herbal medicine partner.”

Mary Ann K.

Empowering and Educational

“I sought help from Donna for some stubborn sinus symptoms that she felt could be relieved by herbs. It turns out that the herbal tincture that Donna formulated has worked very well to eliminate my sinus problems. From that, Donna has been instrumental in developing specific health recommendations and practical solutions regarding nutrition, diet, exercise and cholesterol reduction which she has designed specifically for me and my lifestyle. I’m finding the experience not only educational, but very effective in making me aware of what I’m capable of doing on my own with her positive support and coaching. Donna has been an excellent resource in helping me put it all together. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for an informed health advocate who can offer safe, holistic and nutritional solutions to whatever might ail you.”

Chris M.

Competent and Supportive

I met Donna about four months ago and my life and symptoms have been much better since then! Donna has been positive, supportive, and flexible. She has also been thorough in her efforts to learn my health needs and concerns. I appreciate having her support and expertise as I continue to manage chronic pelvic and back pain. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to use natural herbs and supplements to heal/manage health symptoms!

Tyra H.