Medicinal Properties of Holy Basil

holy basil

I took a walk this morning in my neighborhood, as I often do. Today, when I looked down at the storm drain, I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat amused to find a happy and healthy holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) plant growing among the weeds. This vision inspired me to write about the medicinal properties of … Read more

The Eyes have it: Herbs for Eye Health

woman with eye strain

In the digital age, and now in the ‘stay-at-home age’, we rely on our eyes more than ever before.  And that can mean excessive wear and tear.  Fortunately, with a little care – including herbs for eye health – we can keep our peepers strong for years to come. Digital eye strain, sometimes known as … Read more

Let’s talk digestive bitters!


It’s January.  The holiday – and rich food – season is over.  I hope that you ‘ate responsibly’, but if you find yourself in a position of stomach upset or indigestion, read on for the scoop on how digestive bitters can promote an efficient and healthy digestive process. Did you say digestive bitter? If you’re … Read more

Coumarin content in cinnamon – what’s the deal?

Ceylon cinnamon

Some of my astute, concerned clients have asked me about the reported coumarin content in cinnamon, so I thought I’d set the record straight here. Coumarin is a natural blood thinner from which the drug, Warfarin (generic: coumadin), is derived. Blood thinners are useful in preventing blood clots which prevent heart attacks and strokes, but … Read more

Elderberry Syrup: Herb for flu season

Elderberry syrup and berries

Not surprisingly in the year of a global pandemic, there is recent increased interest elderberry syrup for flu season (and any infectious disease).  In fact, recently a friend inquired about where she might find a reputable source of elderberries as she intended to make her own syrup.  Her inquiry inspired me to write about  elderberries, … Read more

Sage Advice – An Herb for Hot Flashes

Sage plant

Medicinally-speaking,”common sage” is anything but! Having worked with a number of menopausal or peri-menopausal women in my clinical practice, hot flashes and night sweats are among the most uncomfortable symptoms these women are dealing with.  A quick Google search for “herb for hot flashes” generally yields discussions about hormone modulators such as black cohosh, vitex … Read more

Herbs for Anxiety

Lemon balm

As a clinician, lately I have been experiencing an uptick in people requesting herbal support to calm increased anxiety.  While every person’s circumstances are different – I recommend consulting with a professional for acute or severe cases – I offer up the following 10 herbs for anxiety that are generally safe when used at normal … Read more