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Clinical Herbal Medicine

Are you struggling with a persistent health issue you can’t seem to overcome?

Are you looking for holistic alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs where possible?

Would you benefit from having a wellness partner to help you take control of your health?

Green Haven Living, through clinical herbal medicine, focuses on you to uncover the root cause of what’s ailing you and partners with you to craft a whole-person strategy designed to improve your quality of life, to include custom herbal formulations, diet, and lifestyle recommendations.

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Who benefits from clinical herbal medicine?

Anyone who struggles with challenges such as:

  • inflammation and pain
  • stress, depression, anxiety
  • difficulty sleeping
  • low energy
  • allergies
  • weakened immunity
  • digestive distress
  • autoimmune complications
  • infection
  • reduced organ function
  • emotional imbalances
  • blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol
  • menstrual challenges (PMS, menopausal, and postpartum)
  • …and more!

Why see a clinical herbalist?

I am your holistic health partner to help you achieve all your wellness goals, a Registered Herbalist trained to assess your overall health and well-being. Using these insights I create a strategy that you agree on that uses herbs, diet, and lifestyle to address any imbalances from a holistic perspective. For example, if you are having trouble sleeping, we will work to uncover reasons why this is (stress, inadequate digestion, pain). I will select appropriate herbs to address the underlying issue rather than simply providing a sedative.

If you are looking for a holistic, natural, lasting approach to total body health and wellness using clinical herbal medicine, contact me!

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What my clients are saying…

From Google reviews, John says:  “Donna is a great herbalist and practitioner of natural medicine. She takes a comprehensive view of patient health, and her knowledge is deep. She’s helped me a lot with my asthma symptoms, and I highly recommend her services.”

See my testimonials page for additional comments.

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